Rainbow Lorikeet

Rainbow Lorikeet

Sometimes life brings nice surprises.  I received one of these last Wednesday night when Marrickville Council presented me with the ‘Heritage Promotions Special Achievement Award’ at the Marrickville Medal Presentation held at Marrickville Town Hall.

Unfortunately, I was unable to attend, but Richard Blair, long-term member of the Marrickville Heritage Society Committee, kindly accepted the award for me.  I thank him for this.

I also thank Marrickville Council.  Although I have written much that is positive about the work council does, I have also been critical, so it was a genuine surprise for this blog to be recognised in such a positive way. I feel honoured.

Marrickville Council said the following at the presentation –

“We will now begin tonight’s impressive official presentations with the Special Achievement Award.

The Heritage Promotions Committee know that often without recompense, or reward, many individuals make a significant contribution to the Marrickville Community, for the satisfaction provided by the work itself and a sincere desire to give back to their community.

Once again this year, this award is an opportunity to recognise such an individual, and collectively show our appreciation.

This year’s Special Achievement Award is presented to a highly deserving candidate.

In 2009, she started our Save Our Trees blog and spearheaded a campaign to preserve many of the trees found in our urban landscape.

A true community service, her writings also advised the community of park upgrades, developments in parks, tree plantings, installation of verge and rain gardens, environmental and educational events, initiatives from Council which improve the environment and support biodiversity and the promotion of Council’s environmental policies and urban forest policies.

Her blog is a true local resource and is used by school teachers and the greater community. It raises awareness of the natural resources in our own backyard and allows us to connect with each other on the issues of their preservation.

Maintaining the blog since 2009 is a true commitment to both the unique environment found in the Marrickville local government area, the local community and greater cause of learning to live and preserve the environment which sustains us.

We now honour her contribution and commitment.  Mayor Sam Iskandar will now present the Special Achievement Award to Jacqueline Yetzotis.”

I congratulate all the other award winners of the night.

I thank those who nominated me.  To have my peers in the community nominate me felt like I had won regardless of the outcome. Thank you to Marrickville Council for this award & for your kind words.  Importantly, thank you to all those who support the blog by reading my posts & sending information for me to follow up.