Not only bottles & other litter, but look at the oil.

Not only bottles & other litter, but look at the oil.

 A floating army of filth.

A floating army of filth.

Look at my photos of the Cooks River taken yesterday afternoon.  It is shameful, disgusting & terribly sad.

I’ve been noticing the muck getting worse over the last month or so, not only drink bottles & litter, but oil slicks.  Yesterday, an army of drink bottles floated down the Cooks River.  The pollution trap at Boat Harbour was already jam packed, so much of this filth kept on going toward Botany Bay.

Large sections of the river were coated with oil.  It was hard to watch little swamp hens swimming through this.

I did not see one pelican, heron or cormorant.  The bird sanctuary at Boat Harbour was empty.  Not even a seagull.

Every local council has a vehicle that drives through the streets collecting rubbish as it goes.  Why cannot there be the same for the river?

I googled ‘river cleaning boats’ & there is a heap of links.  ‘Trash collection skimmer boats’ are commonplace & used all over the world.  In the United States, this kind of intervention has been used since the 1980s.

Surely there is one that would be suitable for our river.  The cost of purchace & running the boat could be divided between all the local councils responsible for the river.  It would be worth it.

While I think the pollution trap at Boat Harbour is great, it is always full to bursting whenever I see it.  Some of the floating litter waits in this area until the tide comes to take it all back up the river.  The rest keeps on going to Botany Bay & finally the Pacific Ocean.  At the moment, the boom acts like a bandaid because the amount of floating garbage is way beyond its capacity.

As for the oil – this needs to be investigated as soon as possible.

Something needs to be done to fix this.  It is not okay for all the good work that has been done by local councils & various community groups to be allowed to disintegrate due to looking the other way.  The Cooks River is a jewel in the inner west.  If Sydney Harbour can be cleaned, so can the Cooks River.

This was everywhere....slowly floating down the river towards Botany Bay.

This was everywhere….slowly floating down the river towards Botany Bay.  Even full garbage bags containing who knows what.

Beauty and the beast.

Beauty and the pollution beast.  I took so many photos of different sections of the river.  It was hard to choose.