Warren Park Marrickville

Warren Park Marrickville

Plan for Cooks River parklands  – Richardson’s Lookout, Warren Park & Cooks River Foreshore

This is a series of posts about Inner West Council’s plan (nee Marrickville Council) for all the parks along the Cooks River, except Tempe Reserve.

For Mahoney Reserve. See – http://bit.ly/210uG1I For Steel Park – http://bit.ly/1suDxOh

I have not covered all of what Council intends, just those areas that are environmental initiatives or those that interest me.  The link to download the Plan is below.

Richardson’s Lookout

Inner West Council plans the following upgrades for Richardson’s Lookout –

  • Mulch & plant natives under the heritage fig trees.
  • Create an equal access path from Thornley Street to Richardson’s Lookout.
  • Revegetate the unusable area surrounding the Cooks pine.
  • Install 3 new seats.

Warren Park

The following is planned for Warren Park –

  • Build a native vegetated swale to the existing low point at the eastern end of Warren Park.
  • Do bank stabilisation works & “ant-scour” on steeper slopes. I do not know what ant-scour means.
  • Build a vegetated detention basin prior to the Cooks River.
  • The fencing between Warren Park & Thornley Street will be removed & native grasses & other local native plantings planted to act as a barrier between the park & the road.
  • Install 2 new seats.

Cooks river foreshore

The following is planned for the Cooks River Foreshore –

  • A failing retaining wall will be replaced with stone or similar. Biodiversity opportunities will be incorporated into wall design.
  • More re-vegetation will be done along the river foreshore.
  • Build a river-viewing pontoon or jetty constructed from steel mesh or similar.
  • Install an exercise station.
  • Install 3 new seats.
  • Install bike racks.
  • Install night lighting along the share pathway.
  • Progressively remove the Poplar Trees between Mackey Park & Warren Park. A total of 27 trees will be removed along the river from Mackey Park to Mahoney Reserve.  I have been waiting for this to happen for years, as a then Tree Manager told me it was planned when I spoke with him at the opening of Mackey Park in December 2010.  If the community doesn’t fight to keep these trees we will lose them. I have written about my horror about the proposed tree removal here. See – http://wp.me/pyn6B-2lm

Community consultation is open until tomorrow Wednesday 8th June 2016.  You can access the link at ‘Your Say Marrickville’ & download the Plan here – http://bit.ly/1DRISiO

All the Poplar trees along this beautiful walk are to be removed along the Cooks River Foreshore.

All the Poplar trees along this beautiful walk along the Cooks River Foreshore are to be removed 

 Richardsons Reserve and the Cooks Pine.

Richardsons Reserve and the Cooks Pine.