A shock of orange.

How pretty is this.

We were driving up Moorefields Road Kingsgrove today when our eyes saw a shock of orange.  The green arbor was in flower & what a sight it was.  I last wrote about this here – http://bit.ly/1PnJ1it

Now that I have seen the flower I know it as the Orange Trumpet vine (Pyrostegia venusta).  Although native to Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia & Paraguay, it is common sight covering sheds & fences in Queensland adding pops of orange to the landscape through winter to spring.

Unfortunately, the Orange Trumpet vine has naturalized in Queensland.  It can be grown from cuttings & can sometimes spread due to branches taking root in the ground.

‘Grow Me Instead’ suggests planting the Red Trumpet Vine (Campsis radicans) instead saying, The plant [Orange Trumpet vine] must not be planted near environmentally sensitive areas as it will escape & invade adjacent natural systems.”  However, in this location in Kingsgrove, I’d be surprised if it caused any problems.

The vine was brought to England from Brazil in 1815 by Admiral Sir John Beresford.  A prolific climber, it can climb 6-metres or more.  The bees love the trumpet-like flowers disappearing inside the trumpet for ages.

Despite its problems in Australia, I think it looks fabulous in this pocket park & there is nowhere for it to spread to.   The arbor itself is a great way to create a sense of peace in a small patch of green next to a busy road.  I am glad to have seen it looking its best.