Fatima Island Cooks River Tempe

A Darter sits perilously close to what appears to be fishing line. This is a massive risk to the safety of wildlife.  A pied cormorant sits in the dead tree.  Another couple of Pied cormorants are also on the island, but out of view.

Terrible to see what looks like fishing line entangled on a dead tree on Fatima Island in the Cooks River at Tempe.  Also sad to see that the last tree on the western side has finally succumbed & will fall into the water soon.  That means less roots to hold the island together.

I just wish Inner West Council would plant some more casuarina trees before we lose this island altogether.  In my opinion, there are many reasons why an attempt should be made to save Fatima Island.  Apart from its cultural & historical significance, the island provides refuge for waterbirds & this is extremely important.   The next refuge site is Boat Harbour at Hurlstone Park – a long way up the Cooks River.

It would be a big loss to lose the opportunity to see waterbirds from Kendrick Park.  It will be an even bigger loss for the wildlife.

How hard can it be to plant half a dozen Casuarina trees?

Fatima Island - or what is left of it.

Fatima Island – or what is left of it.