Wolli Creek bushland to be cleared by the WestConnex Authority for parking of their equipment.   Unbelievable.

The WestConnex Authority has started learning Wolli Creek bushland for parking of their equipment. Unbelievable!  

Some days the news is just bad & today is one of those days.

The Wolli Creek Regional Park is our closest area of bushland. It is vitally important for wildlife because, really there is nowhere else that offers decent habitat for wildlife in the area.  The park, managed by the NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service, also provides an important link to our collective history.

Today, the WestConnex Authority started work to destroy remnant forest in the Wolli Creek Regional Park.  The area where work has started is classified as ‘critically endangered Cooks River-Castlereigh Ironbark Forest.’

Destroying ‘critically endangered’ remnant forest is not something that should occur in an enlightened society.

“About 1.4 hectares of the critically endangered Cooks River-Castlereagh Ironbark Forest is earmarked to be cleared at the site in part to provide parking bays for construction equipment being used for the WestConnex motorway project.” See –  http://bit.ly/2bSi3qD

Really?  Destroying critically endangered remnant forest that can NEVER be replaced so they can have parking!   How disrespectful. 

Plus, to add salt to the wound, the WestConnex Authority started this destruction on National Threatened Species Day. 

By my calculation, the WestConnex Authority (read NSW government) will leave behind a paltry 0.47 hectares of remnant forest.  That’s just 1.16 acres.

This is an incredible loss to Sydney amidst an ever increasing toll on trees & nature for this Motorway.  Add the tree carnage in the Eastern suburbs & the NSW government, through whichever Authority they are using to do the work, look like they hate the environment.