Little corollas.  Mum and Dad start to prune their chick.

Little corollas. Mum and Dad start to prune their upset chick – just like human parents settle their own baby.

What is wrong with the Baird Liberal government?

An article in today’ Sydney Morning Herald ( ) says that the Baird government will abolish the need to get a licence to kill native animals.

“Last year 47,000 native animals and birds were killed in NSW by property owners using a “s121 licence”.”

47,000!  If this were 47,000 human beings, there would be outrage.

Permits were given to kill “34 species, or a total of 145,550 animals and birds to be killed in 2015-16. This included more than 100,000 eastern grey kangaroos, almost 9000 corellas, 6500 sulphur crested cockatoos, 5500 galahs, 655 emus, 175 swamp wallabies, 113 wombats and 83 magpies.”

“An application to kill kookaburras at North Head by a lessee in Sydney Harbour National Park was refused.”  Why would anyone want to kill a Kookaburra?

It gets worse – “Species to be exempt from offences relating to harming animals will include sulphur crested cockatoos, galahs, purple swamp hens, ravens and crows.”  It might be carnage on the golf courses.  I often get correspondence from people who want to kill birds on golf courses.

With no licence needed, no-one will know how many animals & birds will be killed.

The Baird Liberal government plans to take what they seriously call “biodiversity legislation” to NSW Parliament in October.  I sincerely hope the Senate will refuse to pass this.

We cannot go so far backwards in our society where it is okay to kill native species because we don’t like them and not be accountable at the same time and our government not wanting to even know how many we kill.