little-corella-photo-by-saving-our-treesI was sent the link to this short video called, ‘How forests heal people.’    It is lovely to watch, nice to listen to & succinctly sums up the benefits that being in nature brings to human beings.

We don’t need a forest to heal, though looking at these images feels like being in a forest is a fast track way to healing.   Parks, trees, rivers, the beach, a game of golf, a trip to the mountains – all these are also effective ways to reconnect with nature & slow our brains down, thereby reaping the benefits of being in nature & starting the healing process.

Research by Planet Ark found that time spent in nature reduces a person’s chance of –

  • developing diabetes by 43%,
  • developing cardiovascular disease & stroke by 37% &
  • developing depression by 25%.

These statistics show that it makes sense being in nature & we should do it often, at least once a week even if it is a quiet wander around your garden or along the street looking at other people’s gardens.

How Forests Heal People (4.5 minutes) –