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Male Red-rumped parrot - not too often I get a good shot of that red rump.

Male Red-rumped parrot – not too often I get a good shot of that red rump.

The following comes from an interesting article by Dr David Suzuki, well-known Canadian academic & environmentalist.

The article discusses how being in nature is calming & healing to humans.  Living in an urban environment is actually not good for us & is causing raised stress levels & an increased risk of chronic disease.  The impact on our brain is an increased sensitivity to stress, resulting in a brain that is hyper-alert & has difficulty concentrating for long periods.  The impact on learning will be obvious.

People who live in cities have “a 21% greater risk for anxiety disorders & a 39% increased likelihood of mood disorders.”

The good news is that spending time in nature helps our brain slow down & rest.  Dr Suzuki has challenged Canadians to spend at least 30-minutes in nature every day for thirty days to allow their brains to slow down & recover.  This is something we can all do if we plan our time & are motivated.

Obviously this would be good for people who feel stressed &/or depressed, but it is also advantageous for all of us.  The trick is to go to the park & not only get busy with park activities designed to provide entertainment for us.  While these are good for us, what is more beneficial is going for a peaceful walk or bicycle ride & taking time to observe & connect with the nature around us.



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