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It’s been a while since I’ve had the space to write about this amazing project that would have just started in Southern Queesnsland.

The Condamine Alliance, a not-for-profit organisation plans to create a Celtic ‘eternity knot’ symbol out of trees, calling it Treehenge.

More than 85,000 trees will be planted in the design that will cover an area of around 6 football fields wide by 15 football fields long at the head of the Condamine River.  This area is called the Condamine River Basin & the Condamine Alliance expects that the eternity knot will be visible from the International Space Station.

The Condamine River flows to Adelaide & it is hoped that many more trees will be planted the length of the river to improve the land of one of Australia’s major food bowls, the Darling Downs.  The Condamine Alliance also intend to improve biodiversity by providing lost habitat for native wildlife.

“The trees planted will repair eighty hectares of eroded land, help improve air & water quality & ultimately encourage the return of native animals such as koalas, wallabies, echidna, black snakes & blue tongues.”

What an amazing project & such a bonus for the environment.  Everyone can be a part of this project by donating a tree.  They are doing something which I love; that is giving people the opportunity to have a tree planted to commemorate an important occasion – weddings, christenings, milestones & deaths, even a tree for your pet.  Trees are expected to live for more than-30 years. You can find Treehenge here –

Image sourced from the Treehenge website



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