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“We don’t trust your words anymore. You’re destroying our future!” These words were spoken by Felix Finkbeiner, a 12-year-old boy from Paehl, in Bavaria, Germany who established Plant for the Planet, a global climate protection network for school-age children when he was 9-years-old.  You can read about Plant for the Planet here –

On 2nd February 2011 Felix Finkbeiner addressed the UN for the Inauguration of the International Year of Forests.  I have highlighted parts of his speech as I think it is good for adults to know what children think about the future we are leaving them.

  • …. for us children forests are not only the livelihoods of billions, but for us children forests are our future.

  • …. 30,000 children dying of starvation every single day in an incredible rich world.

  • …. one small part, the rich part of the world exhausting the most of the CO2 & the poor part of the world, the one’s that already suffer, will suffer even more in the future.

  • We children understand that the adults know everything about these crises. But we children don’t understand why there is so little action.

  • For most adults future seems to mean 20, 30 or even 40 years. But for us children 2100 is still in our lifetime.

  • For adults it’s an academic question if the sea level will rise for 1, 2 or 3 metres or 7 meters until the end of this century. But for many of us children it is a question of survival.

  • Many adults seem to hide behind the climate skeptics, the ones that say there is no climate crisis.

  • If we follow the scientists that tell us there is a crisis & if we act & in 20 years we find out that they were wrong, then we didn’t do any mistake. But if we follow the skeptics & don’t do anything & in 20 years we will find out that they were wrong it is too late for us to save our future.

  • …. we cannot trust that the adults alone will save our future. We have to take our future in our own hands.

  • We have to protect the already existing forest. … to keep the rainforests from disappearing.

  • …. we have to plant trees.  We children think that we can manage to plant a trillion trees in 10 years.

  • …. a trillion trees is only 150 trees per person. We can manage.

  • Stop talking. Start planting.

  • We children are the majority on this world.

  • One mosquito cannot do anything against a rhino, but a thousand mosquitoes can make a rhino to change its direction.

You can download the whole speech here –

Strathfield Council has created bush habitat along the Cooks River at Strathfield. The pathway is just visible on the bottom left of the photo




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