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The Chinese style bridge in Kogarah Park is very picturesque as are the trees that are everywhere throughout this very pretty park

Not really a secret, but I bet many people in Marrickville LGA don’t know of this stunningly beautiful park in Rockdale.  Aptly named Rockdale Park, it reminds me of a small Botanic Garden.  Trees are not just planted around the perimeter as is usual in our LGA, but all throughout the park.   If you take a walk around, you wander into ‘rooms,’ all with a different view & feel.  It’s a landscaper’s delight.

There are trees everywhere. Big shade trees like Figs & Flame trees. There are also Conifers, Eucalypts, Jacarandas, Grevilleas, Olives, Tulip trees & a hoard of other trees that I can’t identify.  Amazingly their side branches have not been removed so they have been able to retain their natural beautiful shape. It’s true you do need to look where you are going because tree branches are from ankle to eye height & above.  I doubt however, that anything bad has happened because of the way the park has been set out.  The trees of Rockdale Park are how trees looked when I was growing up.

An Olive tree planted as a memorial tree for International Day of Mourning. Marrickville Council removes Olive trees in public places.

Rockdale Council has created areas of understory habitat with groups of trees of all different species, shapes & sizes planted together in areas where one would have to push through to get across the undergrowth. These are perfect places for urban wildlife to live & forage for food, yet be safe from people.  To see this in a park is wonderful. It has been created for both people & wildlife & the amount of birds is evidence that they like the place.

There is a man-made stream no deeper than 15cms curving through the park with numerous concrete stepping-stones so that children can play over the water.  Unfortunately the stream is turned off these days, perhaps because of the drought or perhaps issues of public liability. Crossing the stream is a Chinese style red bridge reminiscent of a Monet painting. The park is a very good setting for artists as there is beauty wherever one looks.

There is a rotunda, barbeques, a bubbler & public toilets. There is no shortage of seating with park benches everywhere taking in the different views.  There are memorial trees as well.  Seems Rockdale Council has understood how trees can be living memorials & meaningful to the community.

There are spaces to throw a ball or play touch footie, but it isn’t a sporting park.  It’s a park to relax, contemplate, read a book, meditate, have a family picnic or barbeque or quiet time with a loved one.  It’s a romantic park that changes with the seasons, but doesn’t lose its secluded feel.   I went in autumn so there was lots of colour. Late spring, early summer would see the Jacarandas come into flower & create purple carpets.  It’s also a great park for a child’s birthday party as there are plenty of things that kids would find interesting & the bridge & stream make perfect, safe areas to play.

Parking is easy on Bryant Street.  You can still hear the traffic of West Botany Street, but no matter.  This is the kind of park that allows you to feel that you are away from the madding crowd, yet close enough to houses & people to feel safe.

So if you wish for somewhere to go on the weekend or after work before the sun goes down, Rockdale Park on the corner of West Botany Road & Bryant Street Rockdale is well worth a visit.    I have made a YouTube video so you can have a look for yourself –

I'm looking down to this branch of a tree in Kogarah Park. Rockdale Council has planted deciduous as autumn features throughout the park & leave the leaves when they drop.



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