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1.        For the first time living trees were brought into Westminster Abbey for the royal wedding of Catherine & William.  The trees were 6 metres tall (20 feet).  They were 6 English field maples symbolizing humility & reserve & 2 Hornbeams symbolizing resilience.  The trees will be planted in the royal estates creating a living memorial to the wedding.  The trees looked fantastic.  I predict the inclusion of trees will become popular in weddings all over the world.,29307,2067896_2269435,00.html

2.        A very interesting article about a study by Jill T. Anderson from Duke University who has shown the connection between fish, trees & seed dispersal in the Amazon.  “In our study, fish can carry seeds up to 5.5 kilometers, although it is likely that larger (older) fish can disperse seeds much farther than that,” says Anderson. Researchers have identified 200 fruit-eating fish in South America, though they expect there will be more. When there is over-fishing & the natural planting of new trees drops, the renewal of the forest is impacted in a profound & negative way.

3.        Nature Geoscience has released a study that found mangroves forests stored up to 4 times as much carbon as other tropical forests, including rainforests. What is unfortunate is that mangroves are disappearing at an alarming rate mostly due to development. “Around 50% of the world’s mangroves have likely vanished in the last half-century.”

4.      KFC said it would stop using palm oil to fry chicken. This is a win for the environmental movement’s campaign to stop Palm oil plantations, a major destructor of rainforests.

5.      A recent study in Science found that flying foxes in the US “provide the agricultural industry at least $3.7 billion & up to a staggering $53 billion a year by eating mounds of potentially pesky insects.” Unfortunately, White Nose Syndrome, only identified in 2006 & wind turbines are killing them off. One flying fox is a highly effective insect control agent able to eat 1,000 mosquitoes in 1 hour.

6.       A man from Oak Ridge US was fined the princely sum of $50 for illegally chopping down several trees estimated to be worth $18,000.  That will stop others.

7.       Dick Hannah Dealerships, a car sale company in Vancouver, pays for a tree to be planted for every new & used car they sell.  Since starting this initiative in March 2007 a total of 50,000 trees have been planted.

8.       The Woodland Trust in the UK does some fantastic work. Their More Trees More Good campaign plans to have more than 3,700 native trees planted across Worcestershire by children & adult volunteers.  They aim to plant 20-million native trees every year for the next 50 years. Is that 1 billion trees?  The UK can fit inside the state of NSW with plenty of space to spare.

9.       Lufa Farms in Montreal has created the world’s first rooftop farm. They have made a 3,000 square metre greenhouse that collects rainwater on top of an office building & are waiting for their first crop to ripen.   “…the choice of produce is varied & plentiful enough to fill 2,000 grocery carts each week.” Lufa Farms are preparing another rooftop farm that will be much larger at around 15,000 square metres. I think this is the way of the future, especially when food security becomes more of an issue.

10.       Three cheers to the Cambodian government who canceled a titanium mine application in an intact rainforest in the Cardamom Mountains, citing “the impact on the environment & biodiversity as well as the living standards of the people.”  The forest is critical habitat for 70 threatened & vulnerable species & part of the migration route for elephants.

New plantings in a woodland in Sydney Park


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