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Stand alone green wall along the railway line at Newtown.  Relatively cheap & easy to do, yet incredibly effective at greening & softening the environment.

Stand alone green wall along the railway line at Newtown. Relatively cheap & easy to do, yet incredibly effective at greening & softening the environment.  This kind of greening should be commonplace.

WI-FI – At last week’s Marrickville Council Meeting one of the papers concerned a wi-fi trial. This was originally to be in major parks across the municipality, but now Council have recommended the following locations –

  • Alex Travallion Plaza, Marrickville Road Marrickville
  • Jack Shanahan Park, Dulwich Hill
  • Annette Kellerman Aquatic Centre, Enmore
  • Debbie & Abbey Borgia Centre – edge of Steel Park, Illawarra Road Marrickville
  • Chrissie Cotter Gallery, Camperdown.
  • Camperdown Memorial Rest Park, Newtown
  • Newtown Square & Art Seat, Newtown.

Council’s paper says the wi-fi will be available 24/7.  The issue was discussed in confidential session so I do not know the outcome.  See for the whole document, plus a map of all intended locations –

GREEN WALLS & GREEN ROOFS – Clr Leary asked Questions on Notice concerning green walls & green roofs.  The responses from Council included –

  • Development of a ‘Green Roof & Green Walls’ chapter of the Development Control Plan (DCP) has been deferred pending further investigations “concerning the ability of Council to mandate environmental provisions” as well as “develop guidelines & standard conditions.”  These amendments to the DCP will be presented to the Councillors for approval “in the first half of 2014.”
  • Marrickville Council has examined what the City of Sydney Council put in place in June 2012 to promote green roofs & green walls.  They developed a strategy, a manual, ‘Green roof & walls in the local area’ & a perceptions study.  They do not mandate, but do encourage green walls & green roofs on new & existing developments to “soften the appearance of the city’s streets & villages & promote green walls & roofs in new buildings & development.”  They have encouraged both these in the Green Square Town Centre & the Harold Park development.
  • Rockdale & Newcastle Councils have some provisions within their DCP for green walls & green roofs.  “Newcastle Council also has some provisions for greening car parks with car parks mandated to achieve 50% green cover within 15 years.”
  • Marrickville Council estimates that over the past 4-years between 6-12 DAs for existing houses have included a green roof or green wall.

It will be fantastic if Marrickville Council does start to seriously encourage green walls & green roofs in Development Applications, especially as so much high-rise is planned for the area.  I’ll never forget the architect of The Revolution in development in Marrickville saying that he didn’t include anything green as there was no mandate to do so.  We will only get the beauty the Council demands.

Anything that softens buildings & makes living & public spaces less harsh will significantly improve livability.

Apart from their aesthetic benefits, green walls & roofs capture, retain, delay & divert water.  This is really important as Marrickville Council have said that we have reached the limit of our stormwater drainage capacity & this is before the 11,600 – 12,000 anticipated new dwellings.

Green walls & roofs also lower the urban heat island effect as well as reduce dust & air-born pollutants.  They can also lower the energy needs of a building & reduce outside noise by at least 40 decibels.  They improve on biodiversity & can provide habitat & food for urban wildlife.  One benefit I did not know is that green roofs are capable of reducing electromagnetic radiation penetration by 99.4% (Herman 2003).  On top of all this, green walls & green roofs increase the value of a property.

See the following link for the whole document –



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