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I received the following email from the Friends of the Greenway –

“We have been hearing credible rumours … that the Greenway is going to be cut from the State budget in September & will not be built.  Only the light rail will be built.

The Minister has not responded to our recent letter nor our phone calls to her office.   The Greenway is in trouble and its needs your help to save it.  If you want to see the Greenway built please send the attached letters with your name & address to the Premier & the Minister for Transport. It is imperative that we act now before the final budget is handed down in early September – it is much harder to change a decision once it has been announced.  Please don’t delay we need a campaign to start now.  Also send a copy of your letter to your local member. 

If you, your kids, your friends want to enjoy this Greenway before another 10 years passes we must tell the Government now what we want.  If everyone can please pass this email onto 5 friends we can build up momentum very fast! ~ Friends of the Greenway Committee”

They attached 2 draft letters, one to Premier O’Farrell & Ms Berejiklian Minister of Transport, plus their email addresses –

Berejiklian – budget 2011 Greenway letter


Premier – budget 2011 Greenway letter

This is serious stuff. The Greenway has been loved & nurtured by many community volunteers & Ashfield, Canterbury, Leichhardt & Marrickville Councils have poured money & time into its creation & maintenance for over a decade.

It is vital habitat for the critically endangered Long-nosed Bandicoot & a much needed green corridor for urban wildlife.  To not have the Greenway is unthinkable & the impact will be nasty for wildlife.

People also benefit from the Greenway in that it offers a safe track along regional routes for walking, jogging & cycling.  23 schools in the catchment area expect that the corridor will be available for children to walk safely to & from school without the need to cross busy roads.

Please send a couple of emails & share this information with others.  Perhaps any thought of dismissing the Greenway will go once the government realizes the community support behind it.

A section of the Greenway at Dulwich Hill



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