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The old Marrickville Hospital site on Marrickville Road

The old Marrickville Hospital site on Marrickville Road

This was the Council Meeting. The following is how I understood the meeting & all mistakes are mine.  Note: MC = Marrickville Council.

The Councillors & Wards are as follows – LABOR:  Iskandar/Central, Haylen/North, Tsardoulias/West, Woods/South. GREENS:  Phillips/Central, Ellsmore/North, Brooks/West, Leary/South.  LIBERALS: Gardener/North, Tyler/West. INDEPENDENT:  Macri/Central, Hanna/South

New Marrickville Library – Progress Report – The recommendation was that:

1. Council reaffirms its commitment to the library as a major project priority;

2. Council expresses its appreciation to the residents of Lillydale Street for their patience with the early works;

3. Council notes the report and resolves to proceed with Phase 4 consultation to include;

a) the Accommodation Schedule schemes referred to in the report identifying Scheme 1 as Council’s preferred option; &

b)  the funding options identifying Option 3 as Council’s preferred option;

4. a report regarding the outcome of the Phase 4 consultation be submitted to Council in March 2013;

5. Council continue to develop the adopted design concept for the library to meet the key program dates discussed in the report; &

6. further progress reports be submitted to the Major Projects Steering Committee and Council with regard to the ongoing work.

There were two speakers supporting Council’s recommendation in the Progress Report.  After a really long debate the following motion put up by Mayor Macri & seconded by Clr Tsardoulias.  This motion was passed with the vote being – For – Mayor Macri, Clrs Iskandar, Tsardoulias, Haylen, Woods, Gardener, Tyler & Hanna.  Against – Clrs Phillips, Leary, Brooks & Ellsmore.


1.  Council reaffirms its commitment to achieving the best outcome for the community in its use for the old hospital site to provide the best library & public space.

2.  Council expresses its appreciation to the residents of Lillydale Street & neighbouring streets for their patience with the early works

3.  Council adopts Accommodation Schedule Scheme

4.  The current project continues & that alternative cost saving options be presented without further reducing the floor space reflected by 3 above & including access from Marrickville Road

5.  Subject to obtaining all required State Government approvals for the conduct of an expression of interest process;

a)    EOIs be obtained for the development of a building on Precinct B (of no more than 4 storeys) & the Livingstone Road frontage of Precinct C to include; a shell space for a future library as per 3 above & the provision of 60 car spaces all at no cost to Council.  Such EOIs to comply with applicable planning requirements, but may also consider the demolition of the 3 terraces fronting Livingstone Road.  Such demolition would be subject to the proponent obtaining the development consent.

b)    In submitting EIOs, proponents may consider lodging EOIs for the development of the entire site, but must include the requirements set out in 5(a) above & must also include for the conservation & reuse of the remaining heritage buildings 1 & 4 & the provision of civic open space preferable fronting Marrickville Road of no less than 1,200sqm.

c)    Alternatively, proponents may consider lodging EOIs for the developments of Precincts C, D & E only.

6.  Development proposals for the residential are to include affordable housing at the rate of at least 4% of total units.

7.  Concurrent with the above, the existing concept designs for the development of a library at Marrickville Town Hall be presented to Council.

8.  Funding for the above activities to be drawn from the property reserve.

9.  That Council reaffirms its commitment to full community consultation in relation to the options considered.

  1. Marrickville Hospital building

    Marrickville Hospital building



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