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A new lookout, planting & clay paths.

A new lookout, planting, sandstone benches & clay paths.  All the fencing has been removed, with  just this little bit in place. Regardless. people preferred to slip under the fence & sit on the sandstone blocks to watch the river. 

Showing the graduated stone riverbank which will create habitat & places for birds to sit.

Showing the graduated stone riverbank which will create habitat & places for birds to sit.

Sydney Water has done a great deal of naturalization work along the bank of the Cooks River near Cup & Saucer Creek Wetland in Canterbury over the last few months & it is looking terrific.   The remediation work extends from way past Cup & Saucer Creek Wetland & to the other side of Cup & Saucer Creek almost to the pedestrian bridge over the river.

They have added seating – their trademark sandstone benches, which are comfy, durable & quite attractive in my opinion. The seating is under a light shade structure, which does not impede on the landscape.

They have added compressed clay paths & a couple of lookout areas. A massive saltwater wetland has been built. I understand that this will only fill during king tides & if expected sea level rises impact on the river.

Thousands of plants are in the ground. It already looks much better than the lawn that was there before work started. This area was almost always empty of people, except for those passing through, so hopefully this newly vegetated space will encourage people to use this part of the river.  It will be a peaceful place to sit & watch the river & the many waterbirds that are often gathered opposite.

Cup & Saucer Creek Wetland is connected to this new remediation work. This  is a magnificent space & the rate of plant growth in under twelve months surprised me. I expect the growth of the newly planted areas will also look dramatically different this time next year.

The work done will provide new habitat for the wildlife of the Cooks River.  One day I hope the whole of the river will be naturalised.  The damage done during the last century was incredible, so it is wonder to see work being done to return natural beauty to the river.

The only thing that made me wonder is – where are the new trees promised?   Sydney Water removed twelve trees to make the land slope towards the river. They said they would plant “many new trees.”   To increase the urban forest more than twelve trees should be planted along here. There is certainly room for triple the amount of trees that were removed.

I hope I am just posting about this too early & they have not got around to planting the trees yet.

Showing the newly created saltwater wetland.

Showing the newly created saltwater wetland.  It’s very large.

Showing a large section of new planting.

Showing a large section of new planting.  It needs trees.





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