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New trees for Marrickville Golf Course

New trees for Marrickville Golf Course

Marrickville Council donated 4 trees to Marrickville Golf Club recently. They are 1 x Swamp Mahogany (Eucalyptus robusta) & 3 x Forest red gums (Eucalypts tereticornis).

The Swamp Mahogany grows to 20-30 metres, a straight trunk with a dense canopy & produces white to cream flowers in in the cooler months. Native to native to eastern Australia, the Swamp mahogany likes to grow in swampy areas & can live for at least 200-years. Sydney’s Royal Botanic Garden has some Swamp Mahogany trees that were planted in 1813. The flowers provide food for birds, koalas (we have none locally) & bats, especially the Grey-headed Flying Fox (we have a few).

Forest red gum is another tree native to eastern Australia. It grows to 20-50 metres & flowers from June to November. The flowers are good for honey production. It is fast growing & often used for erosion control.

All trees are planted at the Mahoney Reserve end of the golf course.  It will be wonderful to see these trees grow to a grand height. Marrickville Golf Course has space for many more large trees in my opinion.



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