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The Marrickville Greens Councillors are hosting another public meeting about the proposed Local Environment Plan (LEP).  The LEP is the key planning development framework that dictates what will be permissible development across Marrickville LGA. “The Greens are very concerned that the Draft LEP will adversely impact on amenity, privacy, open space, heritage & the general social wellbeing of current & future residents of Marrickville.”

  • Thursday 24th February 2011
  • 7.00pm – 8.30pm
  • Salvation Army Hall  – 52 Dulwich Street Dulwich Hill

The LEP is currently open for community consultation & any submissions are due by NEXT Monday 28th February 2011.

I am not aware of any other public meetings regarding the LEP by either the Labor or the Independent Councillors.  If you know of any, I’d be happy to post about them.


Community group Metro Watch are having a public meeting –

  • this Thursday 12th August 2010
  • 7pm
  • Herbert Greedy Hall 79 Petersham Road Marrickville.

The plans for the massive expansion of Marrickville Metro are now on public exhibition & will be presented. There will be a range of guest speakers – Marrickville Mayor Sam Iskandar, Federal Greens Candidate for Grayndler Sam Byrne, some Marrickville Councillors, some local business owners & the Metro Watch secretary.


  • this Saturday 14th August 2010
  • 11.15am
  • Gather at the BBQ spot Enmore Park at the corner of Black Street & Victoria Road Marrickville

After a 15-minute update, the group will walk together 100 metres to Marrickville Metro to attend a community consultation session held by the AMP project team & Elton Consulting.

This is a seriously big Fig with a girth of many metres. It stands near the front entrance of Marrickville Metro on Victoria Road & it is one of more than 100 mature trees that will be removed should the expansion of Marrickville Metro go ahead

Resident action group Metro Watch say they have communicated with over 1,000 local residents.  Almost everyone was under the misconception that Marrickville Metro Shopping Centre was undergoing ’revitalization’ & that revitalization meant a cosmetic face-lift of Marrickville Metro.

AMP Capital is planning everything but a cosmetic facelift.  More than 4 million extra shoppers & a 65-68% increase in traffic is not a cosmetic facelift. Nor is the removal of more than 100 trees, (how much over 100 trees is not known as yet), many of them big, beautiful substantial trees.

The community has this perception because the term ‘revitalization’ is used in all of AMP’s community newsletters.   Oh the power of words.

Please come to both these community meetings. Children are welcome.

The deadline for submissions to the Department of Planning is Friday 27th August 2010.  I will be writing more about this development & will write a draft submission that I can e-mail to you for you to change as you like.

We do not stand a chance against this corporate giant unless the community joins with Marrickville Council, Marrickville Councillors & local shop owners in our shopping strips that are saying a loud “NO!” to this development.  We also need to help the people who live in the 11,430 homes within 1km from Marrickville Metro.  They will be the worst affected, but traffic problems tend to spiral outward, especially now that the new IKEA in Tempe is just around the corner and more massive high-rise housing development is planned.

To read past posts about the proposed development –

The Public Meeting organised by Marrickville Metro Community Watchdog  (MMCW) happened last night at St Peter’s Town Hall. It was incredibly well organized for a first action of a new community group & their written information is terrific.

We were taken through a series of powerpoint slides that showed what was going to happen with the proposed expansion. This was the first time I have seen images & site plans.  The new Marrickville Metro is going to be enormous.

AMP is submitting 2 proposals: One that will incorporate the area across from Smidmore Road & one without. Basically it will be like Broadway in Marrickville. Terrific if shopping malls are your thing, but awful for all the business along King Street, Enmore Road & Marrickville Road to name a few.  I doubt all those wonderful little unique shops will survive & we will lose much of the creativity that makes the Inner West great.

MMCW organised a good range of speakers to go through the issues, Joe Khoury from Marrickville Chamber of Commerce, 4 residents directly affected, Marrickville Councillors Hanna, Macri, Peters, Olive & Mayor Iskandar.  Deputy Premier Carmel Tebbutt also spoke.  I spoke about the 83 trees that are at risk of being lost. It will be more now I have seen the actual size of the proposed development.

Some of the issues raised were:

  • The building is estimated to be between 19 -21 metres high. 2 storeys with 2 other levels of parking.
  • 65-68% increase in traffic & street parking problems from an extra 4 million shoppers a year.
  • More than 2,000 residences are within 600 metres of Metro.
  • 11,430 residences in a 1km radius will be greatly affected by traffic & parking issues. Local parking has already been earmarked for the Enmore pool.

The proposed DA will be put up for exhibition on 28th July 2010. From then the community has 30 days to get submissions in, though Marrickville Council is writing to the Minister to ask that a further 30 days be allowed.  This is not a given so the community needs to campaign inside the first 30 days.

The DA comes under Part 3A meaning the state Minister of Planning will decide whether to approve the development. Recently, the proposed 13 storey re-development of the Balmain Tigers was defeated due to massive opposition from the local community proving that if the community gets together, the state government will listen.

I will write a draft submission that I am happy to send to you. You can it change as you like. 200 submissions from the community will be insufficient to stop the expansion from happening. We need to send 1,000 at least to ensure our message is heard.  Every shop owner along our shopping strips needs to send a submission as well.  Petitions are great, but in my opinion, nowhere near as powerful as a submission.

MMCW are looking for people to help with this campaign. e-mail –

I am posting this separately from the full Report from the Gallery because of the Public Meeting about the Marrickville Metro expansion tonight. The following is my understanding of the discussion & all mistakes are mine.

The Public Meeting is to be held at tonight Wednesday 21st July 2010 at 7pm at St Peters Town Hall, 39 Unwins Bridge Road Sydenham.

Click on the following link for more details –

Request for extension of time for community submissions concerning the DA for Marrickville Metro expansion – 2 residents spoke asking that instead of the usual 30 days given for submissions, that this be extended to at least 60 days. They said AMP has had masses of time to get themselves organized & that most of the nearby residents are not aware of the planned expansion.  They said there is not much information about the expansion on the Marrickville Metro website, that supposed door-knocking & letter drops by Elton Consulting to the residents has not been successful in that most don’t know what is happening. They also spoke about current problems of traffic, 4am deliveries & maintenance, staff parking in the streets & noise.

Clr Hanna put up the motion to have the consultation period extended to 60 days.  He spoke about being blocked for 15 minutes while a Woolworths truck was doing deliveries. He said none of the residents know what is happening & there are a lot of complaints about Metro as it is currently. He said to make it double the size & buy the street is going to create major problems & asked where the 700 new staff are expected to park.

This is a seriously big Fig with a girth of many metres. It stands near the front entrance of Marrickville Metro on Victoria Road.

Clr Phillips put up an amendment that Council is to write to the Minister to hand the assessment of the DA back to Marrickville Council. He said the expanded Metro would be a disaster, that it would hurt our shopping strips & cause problems with parking.  He said AMP want a privatized space where there is no infrastructure & the process allows a limited scope for consultation.

Clr Thanos supported the 60 day consultation period. He said the planning process has been the most disgraceful process he has come across & it looks like a deal has been made with the state government with AMP as the beneficiary.  Mayor Iskandar said Council was preparing everything to oppose the expansion & the shopping strips will suffer, but the law is as it is. He said we will fight the process together, but shouldn’t raise false hopes.

Clr Marcri said parking does not exist for local shopping strips so people drive on to Metro & the shopping strips cannot compete with this.  He also said the local streets near Metro have been earmarked as parking for the new Enmore pool & that if Metro expands, there will be a huge gridlock further out & residents will suffer. Clr Byrne said if the Metro DA is passed, the state government Department of Planning will not be following fundamental planning processes as Council has been told they cannot change the zoning in this area.  Carried unanimously.

What I did notice was that no-one mentioned the many, many trees that will need to be removed if the expansion goes ahead.

The community now will have 60 days to put submissions in regarding the Marrickville Metro expansion & they will do this with the knowledge that all Councillors oppose the expansion.  Hallelujah!   Hope to see you there tonight.

I have been contacted by the community group Metro Shopping Redevelopment Community Watchdog.  Their bi-line is “Let’s keep it small. No mega-mall.”

They have significant concerns regarding the planned Marrickville Metro redevelopment & the impact this will have on our local community. As I have posted recently, I too am concerned, especially with the removal of 83 mature trees of which 53 are Hills Figs.  I am also concerned about the lack of trees & green space as shown on Metro’s diagram of what the completed expansion will look like. See-

The community group Metro Shopping Redevelopment Community Watchdog is holding a public meeting on –

  • Wednesday 21st July at 7pm
  • St Peters Town Hall, 39 Unwins Bridge Road Sydenham

Issues include –

  • traffic congestion,
  • delivery trucks & semi trailers through the surrounding residential areas,
  • the closure of Smidmore Street,
  • the amenity & character of the surrounding residential areas,
  • height, bulk & scale of a massive shopping centre trading 7 days from 7am – 7pm.

They have a Facebook Group called Marrickville Metro Redevelopment Watch. Every concerned member of the community is invited to join the group.

From their leaflet: Marrickville Metro Shopping Centre is surrounded by residential streets where we all live, which is why we’d like you to come to our meeting.  If you have children, there’s no need to hire babysitters, bring them along as this meeting is for residents & their families. We hope to see you there!

This is a seriously big Fig with a girth of many metres. It stands near the front entrance of Marrickville Metro on Victoria Road.

You may come across a Marrickville Greens flyer advertising a public meeting about the proposed DA for the Marrickville RSL site.  I have posted a couple of times about this development application because it is the first of many such high-rise buildings which will change Marrickville as we know it forever & not for the better in my opinion.  Many residents are very upset & angry with the RSL site DA & Marrickville Council’s Draft Local Environment Plan (LEP).

I am not unhappy about the return of the RSL.  I never went to the old one, but many of my elderly neighbours went on a daily basis.  It gave them an affordable hot meal & some social activity, which benefited them on a number of levels.

View of site from railway station.  The 9 storeys will be higher than the photo allows

View of site from railway station. The 9 storeys will be higher than the photo allows

The problem with this particular development is that at 9 storeys it is too high, almost double the height of the latest developments on Marrickville Road.  It will include 128 units.  One could realistically would anticipate at least 2 people would live in each unit. This is a lot of people on such a small piece of land housed less than council’s own restriction of 30 metres from a railway line.

There will be 398 parking spaces & a supermarket twice the size of Woolworths.  The supermarket will be open from 7am – midnight Monday to Thursday & 7am -1am on Saturday through to Sunday morning & from 8am – 11.30pm on Sundays.  This supermarket will be open more hours than  closed.

5 loading docks will operate from 6am – 10pm Monday to Saturday & 7am – 9pm on Sundays.

Already imposing at 2 storeys, the development reach to the end of the street

Already imposing at 2 storeys, the development reaches to the end of the street

There will be phenomenal traffic to the supermarket, the residential units & the RSL Club.  The developer anticipates 590 vehicles an hour.  Illawarra Road & surrounds is barely coping with traffic during peak hours now.  Blind Freddy can see that large amounts of traffic will spill into surrounding streets resulting in more noise & pollution.  I know this to be true, as traffic in my street has tripled since we moved here.  Marrickville already suffers from noise from planes, trains & automobiles.  When will Council & the State Labor Government think we have reached our limit?

The Draft LEP passed by Marrickville Council last month agreed to high-rise development (7-9 storeys) along Marrickville Road in the Dulwich Hill & Marrickville shopping areas & along Illawarra Road from Marrickville Road to Warren Road.  Most of the block between Illawarra & Petersham Road will also be similar high-rise development.

Many shop owners attended the council meeting that passed the draft LEP & they definitely approved of this plan if the amount of clapping at cheering was an indication.  Apparently 38 shops along the Marrickville strip are currently empty.  I suppose they think with 4150 new residents, business will improve.  I would guess that business would be good for the supermarket at the RSL site, but unlikely elsewhere.  Smaller grocery stores will be competing with 2 big supermarkets & I am not including Banana Joes.

Development has to happen because Sydney is growing at a phenomenal pace & not everyone wants to live in the newer outer suburbs, nor should they have to.  The Labor & Independent councillors repeatedly stated during last month’s meeting that they preferred high-rise in the town centre rather than building residential units in our suburban streets.  So do I, but such comments might be interpreted as threatening the residents & manipulating the issue: Shut up or multi-storey units will go up in your quiet street.

I can’t see any green space or trees in the RSL site plans. With a development of this size it is imperative that open green space is available for the residents & their children.  The closest park is at the bottom of Byrne Street & it is small & lacking in facilities.  The DA intends to remove the pedestrian crossing to this park for greater access for their trucks.

The Marrickville Greens will be holding a Public Meeting on – Wednesday 23rd September 09 @ 7pm @ Herb Greedy Hall –79 Petersham Road, Marrickville.

Regardless of your political preferences, please attend this meeting & hear what the issues are in more detail.  Attendance will send a message to Labor & the Independents that the residents are prepared to take a stand on this, not just sitting back while their community is ruined.

PS  The lights were back on again in Mackey Park when we went for a walk a couple of nights ago.  Thanks to whoever is responsible.



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