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Screenshot from video taken by Simon Dilosa

Screenshot from video taken by Simon Dilosa

Very exciting to see a video of a shark swimming up the Alexandra Canal at Mascot yesterday.    Apparently, it headed back to the Cooks River, which is a good thing because the water is awfully shallow where it was.

You can watch the video taken by Simon Dilosa here –


Cooks River from the Illawarra Road bridge in Marrickville – a great place to watch a seal.

The Inner West Courier recently published an article of a seal in the Cooks River.  Nigel Everest saw & filmed a seal frolicking around boats moored at Kyeemagh at the mouth of the Cooks River.  See –

Nigel’s delightful video of the seal can be watched here –

This week Marrickville Mudcrabs sent me two emails about other sightings of a seal in the Cooks River.  One seal was seen swimming & feeding in the river at Steel Park Marrickville. It appeared to be eating a mullet. After finishing eating it swam towards Tempe.

Another sighting of the seal happened yesterday & was at the Illawarra Road bridge in Marrickville.  The seal was estimated to be about 1.7metres in length & spent a lot of time under water coming up for a few breaths of air before descending again.  Several other people also saw the seal & reported this to Mudcrabs.

If this isn’t amazing enough, a large shark reported at over 2-metres was recently seen in the same area.

The NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service told the Inner West Courier that people should stay 40-metres away from adult seals & 80-metres away from pups.  Although seal look sweet with their beautiful big brown eyes, they are strong animals & they do bite.  So do sharks.  Best to keep your dogs out of the river for a while with sharks about.

Last week I witnessed at least 80 cormorants suddenly leave a sand bar & start fishing together in the Cooks River off Tempe Reserve.  Not quite as exciting as a seal or a shark, but it was a delightful sight.  I haven’t seen so many cormorants in one place before.  It is so good to see wildlife increasing in the Cooks River.  I made a short video here –

Showing only a small number of the cormorants out fishing that day. 

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