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I was fortunate to have the members of the community who spoke against aspects of the proposed Mackey Park upgrade at the Technical Services Meeting agree to allow me to publish their speeches here.  Two of these speeches are attached in this post as pdf files which you can open by clicking on the link.

Another speech is on its way & I am hoping ‘The Speech That Never Was’ will be sent to me.  The last speaker raised the issue of gender bias as all the community speakers were men & kindly offered to share his 3 minute slot with a woman who wanted to address Council.  The Councillors argued for 20 minutes whether to allow this person to present her speech & finally it was voted against.

They are good speeches (which is why I wanted to share them) & they cover ground which I haven’t dealt with on this site.  I think they are well worth reading.  (I just checked the links & the pages have been formatted from last page to first, so scroll to the end of the document & start reading from there. Sorry about this. J)

Michael Easton’s speech – Technical Services Meeting 11/08/09

Justin McQuire’s speech – Technical Services Meeting 11/08/09


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