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swales & new planting

I went for a walk along the Marrickville side of the Cooks River on Friday and saw there has been a significant amount of restoration work done along the river bank, including a couple of swales in the area where it floods when there is a specially high tide.  I have stood ankle deep in water that covered the footpath on an occasion when the moon’s position caused a high tide.

The grasses & new tree planting is already busy with the sounds of insects pleased with the new habitat.  There is also another new swale at the cliff underneath a storm water drain.  It is really quite beautiful.

looks quite natural

I think all this work has been done by Marrickville Council.  Last week I saw council workers building a similar swale on Thornley Street (see swales & planter boxes 7th March 2010.  There are barriers in place & a huge pile of dirt so it looks like more work is to come. Well done.  It has made a significant difference.

I am continually impressed with Marrickville Council & the community groups who do wonderful work returning this river back to what it was before it was severely polluted over the past 100 years or so.  A number of these groups are listed in the blogroll on the left hand-column.  The Cooks River at Strathfield is literally a cement drain & looks shocking.  The difference in the two locations is astounding.




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