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One of the new reclaimed areas closest to Steel Park.  

Marrickville Council is working with residents of Thornley Street Marrickville South & community volunteer group the Mudcrabs to clear & re-vegetate the cliffs along the Cooks River from below Warren Park to Steel Park.

Many of the properties along here plunge into a ridiculously hard area to manage so they have become a bit wild over the years & have many weeds.

As I understand it, some areas to be re-vegetated are within private property & some are within the public thoroughfare along the Cooks River, owned by Marrickville Council.  This endeavour needed the cooperation of the residents to be fully successful.  I think it is quite generous of residents along this section of Thorley Street to include a part of their property to increase biodiversity along the river.

A couple of months ago one sandstone cliff was cleared of weeds. More recently, three areas either side of the bridge has been worked on.  Considering the difficult terrain & the amount of weeds, this would have been difficult work.  The work is in its early stages, but once cleared of weeds & with the native plants grown it will be lovely.

This area acts as a corridor along the river for wildlife so it is very important.  It will also make one of the most picturesque areas of the municipality look cared for.  Mudcrabs welcome volunteers so if being involved in this important work interests you, their contact details are on the blogroll on the left.

The weeds are being killed in this area

Area to the right of the photo above

And still further along, the cliff face was cleared of a ton of weeds leaving one tenacious tree.




Last March 2010 I came across Council workers constructing a swale in Thornley Street Marrickville South.  Even though work on the swale was only just beginning I was impressed. I hadn’t been back since it was completed so decided it was about time I returned to have a look.

I must say Marrickville Council builds beautiful swales & this is one of them.  The hill that descends to the Cooks River is quite steep so this swale & raingarden would catch a significant amount of stormwater, cleaning it of oils & other ground pollution before it reaches the river.  The swale itself is lovely to look at & has visually enriched the neighbourhood further.

I made a 1.44 minute YouTube video – Thornley Street Swale –


Marrickville Council is currently building a large swale on Thornley Street, Marrickville South.  It is located at the bottom of the series of parks that descend  the hill at The Warren.  It’s a big swale & I think it is going to be very beautiful. There has done some fabulous landscaping done around here over the last few years.  It’s also going to be great for local wildlife & I bet the frogs move in within days.

Building the swale in Thornley Street

A different type of swale, which is amazingly simple as well as very good-looking is happening in Portland USA.  I continue to be very impressed with this city’s approach to public trees & other green infrastructure.  The picture below has come directly from

brilliant swales in Portland USA

The Cumberland Courier reported on a massive swale built in Cheltenham by Hornsby Council.  It’s well worth a look.

Moving away from swales to planter boxes with a difference, I found something truly fabulous happening in Hatertseweg, Netherlands.  The council had built a huge underground planter box that was going to ensure no tree messed with the foundations of a building ever again.  Great stuff.



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