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A Sydney Red gum is the latest tree to be poisoned for views in Carradah Park in Larkin Street Waverton. This is despite the effort to which North Sydney Council went to work with the community to choose suitable planting sites for the trees.

Nature-hating vandals have killed 19 of 20 trees planted in 2004 in this park. That is phenomenal disrespect for the trees, the environment, the rate-payers & their neighbours.

It is wonderful to see a local council take tree vandalism seriously. No namby-pamby utterances like, “this is a disgrace” & then quietly chopping down the vandalised tree to replace with the hope that the new tree is not vandalised or worse – giving in to the vandal & not planting a replacement tree at all.

I applaud North Sydney Council for taking action that strongly affirms the community’s disapproval of tree vandalism.

They have installed a big ugly sign in eye-catching red black & white with large letters saying, “WARNING. Trees in this area have been willfully destroyed by selfish vandals.”  The sign goes on to offer a $10,000 reward for information & also warns that if convicted, the vandal faces a fine of up to $1.1 million.

The council has also left the dead trees in-situ. Let the vandal look at the great view through a big ugly red, black & white sign & a dead tree. I can guarantee this irks their sensibilities every time the look out over the glorious view of Sydney Harbour.  I hope the council doesn’t cave in when requests start to come in to remove the sign & the dead trees.   To have meaning, both should stay for years. Dead trees can be made safe & they offer enormous benefits to wildlife, so there is not reason not to retain them.

You can read the article & see a photo of tree & sign here –

This magnificent fig tree in Clark Park Lavender Bay enhances the view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.  Very few people want a treeless harbour. Trees have many benefits including adding significant beauty.

This magnificent fig tree in Clark Park Lavender Bay enhances the view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge in my opinion.   The view around and through the tree would change as you move from window to window.     Very few people want a treeless harbour.    They want the beauty that trees bring, plus the many other benefits.  It’s only the nature-haters that want to destroy the outlook for everyone else.



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