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What a positive change to this section of Unwins Bridge Road. Street trees and verge gardens on both sides of the road!

In May 2017 I posted about the new verge gardens created along both sides of Unwins Bridge Road from Tramway Street to the corner of Gannon Street Tempe. See –

I was hopeful that street trees would be planted too.   Well, my wish was granted.  Not only has Inner West Council planted street trees, but they planted a lot of them in just one block.  I think this is the largest number of new trees planted in one block that I have noticed since starting this blog.

Twelve Ornamental pear trees have been planted on the eastern side & seven on the western side of Unwins Bridge Road. This is the species Council are planting along Unwins Bridge Road.

You may have noticed that many of our high traffic roads are lined with Ornamental pear trees.  I think it is because they are so robust & can tolerate poor growing conditions.  They create a fairly dense canopy, so will provide a good pollution barrier between the traffic & the houses collecting some of the particulate matter from passing vehicles.   They should also help muffle some of the traffic noise & cool the street as well.

The trees will also add beauty to this section of Unwins Bridge Road that was previously dominated by concrete for what seems like forever.  The change is quite striking even at this early stage after planting.  Imagine how it will look once everything has grown.

Council has planted a variety of plants from native grasses to native violets & other small plants.  These too will help manage air pollution, add beauty & cool the area down.

I applaud Council for doing this work & for choosing to plant street trees in that location.  The trees will work to improve the air quality for local residents who have to tolerate massive amounts of traffic passing by seven days a week & the associated pollution.

If all our heavy traffic roads could also have the same treatment, this will help improve the health of the residents now & into the future.  More & more research is finding that street trees have a considerable impact on the health of the community, so the more our urban forest increases, the better it will be for all of us.

Showing the western side of Unwins Bridge Road.

Quite a range of plants in the verge gardens.


Four new trees visible in this photo.

Four new trees visible in this photo.

I got a pleasant surprise when I drove down Unwins Bridge Road last weekend.  Marrickville Council has been very busy planting 20 ornamental pear trees all along the west side of the road all the way to Tillman Park.   It looks like there will be three more trees to be planted, as it appears there are three areas prepared for them.

If any road needed street trees this section of Unwins Bridge Road was it.  I am hoping that the other side also gets trees.

Street trees will help purify the air in this high traffic road, which will be much better for the health of the residents, the school children from the primary & high school & the many pedestrians.  The trees will also add beauty, green & shade to the streetscape.

A big thank you to Marrickville Council from me.

All the new trees look like this one.

All the new trees look like this one.

Lovely clump of flowering Gymea Lilies at the gate of Tillman Park

Attracted by another group of flowering Gymea Lilies we ventured into Tillman Park for the first time. This is a gated & fenced park between Unwins Bridge Road & the railway line in Tempe.  There is an off-leash area for dogs & it is completely safe.  Marrickville Council have done a great job with the landscaping in my opinion. There is a great kids playground with equipment in good condition & many little places to play, sit & discover. There is even a gas bar-b-que & 2 wooden bridges.  Parking is good as well & it’s very close to Sydenham Railway Station.

Behind these trees is the goods line. This is a wonderful habitat for wildlife

The park is protected from the wind by the goods line.  Here is a great example of Railcorp doing great environmental work that benefits both the community & urban wildlife.  They have planted many trees along the railway line & the area would be a haven for birds & other animals. It’s fenced off to prevent dogs & people entering.

This is precisely what I would like to see done in the many spaces along Sydney’s railway lines.  If Railcorp did this they would be creating little bush reserves that would do much to help urban wildlife as well as creating beauty in places that are generally quite ugly. These regenerated areas would also improve air-quality & help mitigate global warming. Railcorp tend to do this kind of bush regeneration quietly & not many people know of their work.

This green space is like a secret garden.

There are around 20 other trees in this area & only one is imprisoned

Across the road is another place that is probably a well-kept secret by the locals with a long strip of trees, grass & plants along the goods line in what is really a back lane that goes from Unwins Bridge Road to the Princes Highway. Once you enter into the line of trees you could be anywhere. It’s cool & lovely & filled with birds.

There is one tree that is held in a cage that Council may have forgotten about as I guess it was planted more than 10 years ago.  The tree looks odd encased in a cage while every other tree lives free. I will write & ask Council if they will remove the cage.

This space is a great example of what can be done with a small-disused area. Generally, these spaces get left to grow long grass & they collect litter & other junk people dump.  There are many similar sites across Marrickville LGA that could easily be transformed into something like this. Judging by the plants, I would guess the locals are looking after the area & Council mows it.

This park has lots of variety. There are places to sit, places to play, places to run your dogs & picnic areas as well



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