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Pelicans at Marrickville.  How beautiful is this!

Pelicans at dusk in Marrickville. How beautiful is this!

Marrickville Council have put out a YouTube video called – ‘Water is Life.’  It is an excellent video with a tremendously positive message that speaks strongly to me about my own hopes for the area in which I live & love. 

One man said Marrickville “is a beautiful place with oasis’s within it.”

Well done to Marrickville Council & to everyone involved.  I feel uplifted & hopeful after watching this.

“Three quarters of the water that falls on Marrickville carries rubbish & pollution to our waterways, our Sydney Harbour & our Cooks River.”

To watch, click –

The Cooks River is a jewel in the LGA.

The Cooks River is a jewel in Marrickville municipality.



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