21st September 09

In July 2009 I wrote to Energy Australia regarding their recent removal of 4 mature Elm trees in Salisbury Road Camperdown, their proposed removal of a mature Plane tree in Marrickville Road Marrickville & their overall tree management practices in the Marrickville LGA.

In August, I received a letter in reply purportedly from Energy Australia.  I say this because their letter was undated, unsigned & typed on plain stationery without an Energy Australia letterhead.  Interestingly, I failed to notice any of these details until a solicitor pointed these details out to me adding that the letter they have sent to me is of ‘little evidentiary value.’  It was however, posted in an Energy Australia envelope, which had the company’s orange logo in the upper left hand corner.  My address was hand written & the envelope was post-marked 5th August 09.  My solicitor friend said, “An envelope is just an envelope.”

Failing to sign or date their letter & using blank stationary means that Energy Australia can deny they wrote or sent this letter. A company of that size does not make such ‘mistakes’ by accident & I am sure they possess writing paper with the company’s letterhead.  The question in my mind is why would they do this?

My letter and Energy Australia’s response are below in pdf form. Unfortunately, Energy Australia have put me in a position where I have to ask that you believe me when I say what I am presenting is the truth.  I will be writing to Energy Australia in the future & if they use the same tactics, I will immediately write back asking why a lack of transparency on their part.

https://savingourtrees.files.wordpress.com/2009/09/09.pdf (This pdf starts at page 2 so you will need to scroll down to the end to read from the beginning)

Energy Australia reply August 09