There are many areas within Marrickville LGA where one or more medium to tall stature trees could be planted.  Not only will planting trees in these areas green our LGA, it will also make ugly, barren or neglected areas look beautiful.  If the area is cemented or next to a road, planting trees will visually soften the environment, reduce the urban heat island effect & lower ground level ozone formation.   Trees have many more benefits.  I have written about this in the page About Street Trees.

We need to increase the green canopy of Marrickville LGA.  You only need to head in any direction & into one of the surrounding Councils to see that they have many more tall trees & what appears much greater tree canopy than we do.

This page is for the community to suggest sites where one or more medium to tall stature trees can be planted.  Perhaps if there are enough suggestions, Marrickville will decide to do as we ask.  Send your suggestions to Your details will not be published.

  • The nature strip along Richardsons Crescent Tempe between the round-about & Tempe railway Station – could have a mass planting of trees to screen the railway line
  • 7 holes in footpath for trees are empty in Gladstone St Marrickville
  • 3 holes in footpath for trees are empty in Ivanhoe St Marrickville This area has been planted with trees 2010
  • Large area of cement footpath outside 95 Warren Rd Marrickville – quite a number of tall trees could be planted here
  • There is lots of space along the railway lines – can trees & undergrowth be planted there?
  • There is a triangular space of empty land on Marrickville Rd next to the underpass which goes to the Portugal Club where a large tree could be planted
  • There are numerous places where trees could be planted along Sydenham Rd between Buckley St & Victoria Rd Marrickville
  • Tempe – Sydenham Green has very few trees. The area of Sydenham Green that fronts onto Unwins Bridge Road is barren. 5 benches & no shade.
  • Princes Highway – many suitable places where street trees could be planted
  • Parramatta Road – many suitable places where street trees could be planted
  • There’s a particularly barren stretch of road on Newington St, heading towards Victoria Rd Enmore which could do with some trees. There is at least 1 or 2 spots that have been concreted over
  • More street trees needed on Fotheringham St Enmore further down towards Marrickville
  • Phillip & Gladstone Street Newtown
  • Many spaces that once held trees along Enmore Road between Addison & Stanmore Roads have been filled in