If you would like to be an armchair activist & help save healthy street & park trees from inappropriate removal in the Marrickville Council Local Government Area (& at times our nearest Inner West neighbours if the issue is significant enough), join the Saving Our Trees mailing list.

Saving Our Trees works like this:

  • When a tree is at risk of being removed, you will receive a short e-mail about a particular tree & a draft letter of opposition.  (You can use this or write your own)
  • You decide whether or not you wish to support the campaign to save the tree.
  • If you decide to support, you then e-mail your submission to the appropriate authority.
  • If you could send a copy to me, this would be great.  It helps me assess community support in the particular tree saving campaign.

You will not be bombarded with e-mails & your details will be kept private.  There will be no meetings & no fees.

It is that simple.  Your involvement won’t require much of your time & energy, but you will be doing something very significant to help save healthy public trees & help green our LGA.   Trees are being recognized as vital babygumcomponents in the management of climate change.  The saplings planted now will take decades to grow to the size of those large trees that are being removed at an alarming rate in our council area.  As such, they will not be as helpful in absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere at a time where we need their help the most.  Trees not only help us & other beings live, they provide beauty & I think this is worth fighting for.

Send an e-mail to savingourtrees@gmail.com to join the mailing list.

Many thanks,  Jacqueline

If you are coming in via a link and want to view the whole web-site press the following link https://savingourtrees.wordpress.com/