A quick Internet search revealed that the following Sydney Councils have a Significant Tree Register:  Woolahra, Cambelltown, Gosford, Ryde, Randwick, Waverley, Strathfield, Leichhardt, City of Sydney, North Sydney, Camden & the Blue Mountains.  Perhaps more Councils in the Sydney region have a Significant Tree Register, but as I said, this was a quick search.

A Significant Tree Register is established to protect trees both on public & private land.  Generally, trees are assessed to evaluate their importance in relation to:

  • The tree’s historic &/or natural value
  • The tree’s social, cultural & commemorative value
  • Its visual & aesthetic value
  • Whether the tree is particularly old or venerable
  • Whether it is a rare species of tree
  • If it has horticultural or genetic value
  • Whether it has natural significance
Trees like these should be cherished

Trees like these should be cherished

The latest proposed removal of street trees pushed the importance of Marrickville Council establishing a Significant Tree Register up in my ‘to do’ list.   To my mind, the sooner this can be done, the better.  We need to save the remaining large trees we have left.

Not only will establishing a Significant Tree Register bring Marrickville Council in line with other Councils in the Sydney area, it will also have a massive impact in changing people’s perceptions about the value of trees.

I have a friend who lives in Leichhardt.  Her first response when I told her of the recent notices of tree removals was to say, “Leichhardt Council wouldn’t let you get way with something like that.”  This indicated to me that actions by Councils do change the culture of those who live within that municipality.

Our streetscape has been changing significantly with the removal of many of our large trees over the past couple of  years.  Saving Our Trees was only started 4 months ago.  Since then, 5 large, healthy & very beautiful trees in public spaces have been placed at risk of removal.  This is too many.

Marrickville Council, can you establish a Significant Tree Register as soon as possible please.

For those of you who are interested, here is Randwick Council’s Significant Tree Register.http://www.randwick.nsw.gov.au/Looking_after_our_environment/Greening_our_city/Trees/Significant_tree_register/index.aspx

Reminder: The deadline for submissions to save the ‘should be on a Significant Tree Register’ Lemon Scented Gum outside 139 Cambridge Street Stanmore is the 26th October & for the rare Silky Oak outside 18 Merton Street, 28th October 09.  A draft submission can be sent to you to make it easier.  Please do what you can to try to save these trees.  They are not ordinary, nor have they been hacked for power lines.  You can read more about these trees in the post – 11th October 09 below.